This simple bath bomb and soap combo makes for a super gift when you don't need to go over-board but want to show your gratitude or love. All our essential oils are certified organic and sustainably sourced.


Choose from any of our carefully selected scent combinations;


  • Calm and Quietude bath bomb with essential oils of lavender, frankincense and chamomile together with a lavender goats milk soap bar.
  • Invigorate & Energise bath bomb with essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit and thyme together with a rosemary goats milk soap bar.
  • Relax & Relieve bath bomb with essential oils of bergamot and clary sage together with a bergamot and rose petal goats milk soap bar.
  • Uplift & Revitalise bath bomb with essential oils of orange and lemon together with an orange, lemon and calendula goats milk soap bar.


Photographed is Relax & Relieve botanical bath bomb and bergamot and rose petal soap.


Please be aware that not all essential oils are suitable for pregnant women and children. For children we reccomend the Calm & Quietude or Uplift and Reviatise combinations.

Bath Bomb and Soap Gift Box