Lucy Litchfield actively promotes a sustainable, plastic free lifestyle, with environmental and human ethics at its heart.

About Us

The business has grown out of a lifestyle choice for our family and a dream of a healthier world for our children. We have been living almost plastic-free for over six years and continue daily to find ways of becoming as low waste as possible. We only use natural products on our skin and in our home, and we want to encourage others to do the same.


Our mission

To create natural products that nourish your skin and soul and encourage thought about the impact on our local and global communities and environment through the things we buy.


Our products

Are made with natural, and wherever possible, certified organic ingredients. All skincare products contain NO Palm oil, parabens or SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and never tested on animals.


Our Ingredients

Are sourced from carefully selected companies, with a strong focus on local and global ethics and environmental impact.


Our Packaging

Is 100% biodegradable and fully home compostable. We currently post all orders in up-cycled boxes and only use paper tape.


Thank you

For visiting our site, it means the world to this small independent business!

Founder Lucy collecting Haw berries.

Lucy and her family at
The Frome Independent, Somerset.