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Sustainable, plastic free baths are the best sort of baths. Treat someone special with this selection of carefuly slelected sustainable bath products along with two of our botanical bath bombs and two goats milk soap bars. They come nestled in sweet smelling Somerset hay and tied with organic cotton ribbon.


A guide to the sustainable, plastic free bathroom accessories;


Massage Brush by Croll & Deneck – use for dry brushing before a bath or shower. Always stroke the brush towards your heart, beginning with the feet. Avoid delicate areas. Loosens dead skin which then washes off in the water.

Pumice Stone by Croll & Denecke – use to keep feet smooth and happy.

Loofah Soap Pad by Croll & Denecke – use as a soap dish to keep your sinks and baths soap mess free.

Soap Pouch by Hydro Phil – either place a whole bar of soap inside and scrub your whole body or hang it on the taps and gradually fill with soap odds and ends, then use it to wash. Gentle enough for faces too.

Luxury Sustainable Bath Gift Set

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